All basic material of Butler roof and wall system are used for BlueScope's classic coating products, such as Clean COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME® steel to ensure its superior product performance.

Clean COLORBOND® steel

Clean Clean COLORBOND® steel steel has been at the forefront of prepainted steel technology and product innovation in Asia since 2000. It combines the superior strength of ZINCALUME® steel substrate with proprietary system technology exclusive to BlueScope, offering remarkable resistance to chipping, peeling and fading. Clean COLORBOND® steel was developed by BlueScope to resist staining and discoloration, to give your building long lasting beauty.


Introduced to the market in 1976, after many years of extensive research and development, ZINCALUME® steel has continuously set the standard for corrosion resistance and remains at the forefront. ZINCALUME® steel has a reputation for high quality, technical superiority and proven superior corrosion resistance in most environment.


AURORA® steel

AURORA® steel is a HDP (High Durability Polyester) prepainted product developed by BlueScope for China market. It has high color durability, and a level of corrosion resistant performance that can outlast prepainted galvanized steel.

HUICAI steel

BlueScope Steel developed HUICAI steel in 2012. HUICAI steel is a new effective prepainted steel.