• Pre-punched Purlin System

    Steel roof expands and contracts with the temperature changes. If the roof can’t move freely, the stress from temperature will push and pull fastener. So the clips will be destroyed. The destructive clips could lead to the roof leakage or damaged by gale, even could influence the security of main structure.

    Z Purlin

    Factory pre-punched to assure proper fit and alignment

    No field punching work, which protects Zinc coating from destruction and rusting due to site punching, elongates the lifetime of purlin.

    Easier connection with primary structures and flange bracing. Can be installed simpler, faster and better.

  • Truss Purlin


    The truss purlin was constructed by cold-formed components, they are continue to form an economical and attractive steel frame building system with very large column spaces available; The whole system provides a more flexible space layout and concise and artistic roof system.

    Truss purlin can go across the maximum column space of 18m.