Case Study


Project Case Study - Irkutsk Versailles Trade Center case_share_03_1.jpg


Project Overview

Project Location: Irkutsk, Russia

Project Size: 17,000 m2

(This project is identified as the first modern architecture building in the Irkutsk city website.)





Based on market research, the Owner intended to build a large building materials market in the local area. Butler® offered comprehensive consultation and all-around services to the Owner, helped them with the design of the new building model and scale, and solved the traffic and space organization problems faced by a stockroom-style supermarket.

Butler offered consulting services in the two disciplines of building and structural design. For the building and planning, Butler conducted a review of the relationship between the buildings, the city environment and urban roads.  It realized the importance and need of quality and modern building products to complement the building’s location. The street facade of the building has an open and attractive design which creates the effect of an urban living room while simultaneously maximizing the building's attractiveness to customers. For the structure, Butler helped with the determination of many items such as the selection of structural design and loading. The modern architectural style of the building is also well-suited to the local architectural environment. Upon its completion, the building was listed as one of the outstanding examples of modern architecture in the Irkutsck city