Back Butler China and Asia Clean Capital Co-Develop 300 MW Solar Pipeline

28th March 2016, at Butler Songjiang Site, Butler China and Asia Clean Capital (“ACC”) jointly signed a cooperation agreement to co-develop an identified solar pipeline of over 300 MW in Mainland China. Under the terms of the Agreement, Butler will provide manufacturing and installation service of associated buildings with MR-24®roof system and ACC will provide construction and financing for the solar systems.

The achievement leverages the tremendous success that both companies have enjoyed in China, particularly Butler’s record of over 56-million square meters of installed roof systems. Both parties will select the projects according to a strict set of criteria, and leverage the risks in the most favorable sunlight regions. Over its lifetime it is estimated that the pipeline of solar projects will result in the reduction of 9 million tons of C02, or the equivalent of 3.7 billion liters of gasoline.

This cooperation agreement for solar installations will create a huge environmental benefit for China and for the world, and Butler will anticipate building on this success to continue to increase the contribution to sustainability and environmental stewardship.