Back Innovation and New Standard for Building Industry - Butler Regional Seminar in Tianjin

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On Nov 16th 2016, Butler North Region successfully conducted the regional seminar at Tianjin Shangri-la Hotel. Over 110 customers from 22 design institutes and general contractors attended the seminar, including Tianjin University, Huaxia Design Institute, Zhongtian Design Institute, Mechanical Sixth Industry Design Institute, Automotive Engineering Corporation, and Tianjin Light Industrial Design Institute, etc.

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Mr. Simon Zhang, General Manager - BlueScope Buildings North Region gave an opening speech. Mr. Johnny Liu, Vice General Manager-Sales, introduced Butler advantages and differences. Mr. Wayne Zhang, VP - Engineering & Estimating, introduced the Green building & Innovation. Mr. Boris Sun, Technical Marketing Supervisor introduced the new product Clean COLORBOND® XTM steel. 

Mr. Simon Zhang, General Manager

IMG_1768 ps.jpgMr. Johnny Liu, Vice General Manager-Sales

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Mr. Wayne Zhang, VP - Engineering & EstimatingIMG_1856 ps.jpgMr. Boris Sun, Technical Marketing SupervisorIMG_1862.JPG

In addition, the building code “Technical Code for Steel Structure of Light-weight Buildings With Gabled Frames” was officially implemented from 1st  Aug this year. We invited Mr. Yu Yinquan in particular, the chief editor, to share the key points of the new standard. Mr. Yu Yinquan is the vice president of China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research; Master of National Engineering Prospecting and Design, Professor of Senior Engineer. He is also the auditor of a number of famous domestic and international construction projects, for example, National Stadium (Bird's Nest). Many experts in current design institutes are Mr. Yu Yinquan’s students.

Mr. Yu Yinquan

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The customers showed great interest in our seminar. They focused on the presentation and wrote the notes. At the product booth, they asked questions to the sales and shared their comments.

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This is the first large-scale customer interactivity after Tianjin plant re-launch. The customer gave great support and showed their trust to Butler Tianjin. Wechat survey result showed customers’ satisfaction to the seminar content and effect. We believe Butler Tianjin will have more brilliant business after this seminar.

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