• Sealant

    feature_4.pngButler imported glue is a thermoplastic polyurethane adhesive with excellent corrosion resistance, aging and weathering performance, tightly bonded with galvanized plate. Not only conforms to the requirements of low release of environmentally friendly materials, which contain free silicon features can meet specific industries, such as automotive paint shop prohibit the use of free silicon-containing material requirements. 。

    The first 180-degree seam of MR-24® is factory pre-punched, a factory-applied sealant inside the seam assures weather tightness in even the most unforgiving conditions.

    Sealing tape and sealant tube life of up to 20 years, the tape contains 1 mm3 nylon particles, when used in the overlapping parts of the MR-24® roof longitudinal connections, the connection can be controlled thickness, to prevent the installation being squeezed.