All basic material of Butler roof and wall system are used for BlueScope's classic coating products, such as Clean COLORBOND® M steel, ZINCALUME® M steel to ensure its superior product performance.

Clean COLORBOND® M steel

Clean COLORBOND® M steel has been at the forefront of prepainted steel technology and product innovation in Asia since 2000. It combines the superior corrosion resistance of ZINCALUME® M steel with proprietary painting system, offering remarkable resistance to peeling, chalking and fading. The clean function of Clean COLORBOND® M steel was developed to resist dirt stain, offering your building with long lasting beauty.


As the leader, BlueScope keep innovation and improvement of product quality and lifespan. Next generation ZINCALUME® M steel with ACTIVATE™ technology has superior corrosion resistance, better cutting edge performance than galvalume steel, which provides longer lifespan.


AURORA® steel

AURORA® steel is a HDP (High Durability Polyester) prepainted product developed by BlueScope for China market. It has high color durability, and a level of corrosion resistant performance that can outlast prepainted galvanized steel.